Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Welcome to the Terms and Conditions page.

Please read carefully since this page governs the relationship between Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions page.

Please read carefully since this page governs the relationship between Skyreise.com and you, dear customer. The terms set out below apply when you book hotel accommodation, flight and any other travel component through Skyreise.com. They also apply whether you book one component or more than one component

Making our booking

  1.     Your booking will only be considered as a confirmed booking when Skyreise.com issues a confirmation voucher referring to the relevant booking reference number. Skyreise.com will only do this when it receives payment in full.
  2.     Before you book and before you travel it is also your responsibility to ensure that you and all those traveling with you have a valid passport and any necessary visa, and that you have obtained any necessary vaccinations to gain entry to any country you are visiting. It can often take some time to obtain a passport or visa and therefore you should apply well in advance. In peak periods it is advisable to allow at least 4 weeks. Skyreise.com recommends that you check passport/visa requirements with the embassy or consulate of the country you intend to visit. Skyreise.com will have no liability to you if you or any member of your party travels without the correct passport and visa or without the necessary vaccinations.
  3.     The time prior to your travel and until your booking is accepted by Skyreise.com, the company depends on the supplier of the hotel accommodation or another travel component/s you require. Bookings for accommodation require at least one full name for each room. Please check your details carefully before you book as incorrect or incomplete details may result in the booking being cancelled. You may also be charged a fee to cover any resulting administration costs incurred by Skyreise.com trying to amend or cancel any bookings made on your behalf.
  4.     Skyreise.com reserves the right to refuse, at its sole discretion, any booking you seek to make.
  5.     Skyreise.com may, at its discretion, charge you an offline booking fee for any offline booking made by you via Skyreise.com's customer services team.

Payment terms

Payment In full is required at the time of booking. Payment should be made through Skyreise.com by credit card.


  1.     Prices may increase any time prior to your full settlement of the costs and fees associated with your booking. You will be liable to pay any such increases in full if you have not completed the entire process.
  2.     Prices are shown in the currency requested with rates of exchange calculated on a daily basis. Prices may therefore differ on a daily basis to reflect any movement in exchange rate levels. When you make your booking the exchange rate will be fixed at the time Skyreise.com issues its confirmation invoice and will apply to any amendments or cancellations within the booking. Exchange rates are determined by Skyreise.com.

Transfer of bookings

Transfer of your booking is subject to the supplier's own terms and conditions and the applicable amendment or cancellation charges of that supplier.

  1.     Changes and/or cancellation of your booking are subject to the changes and cancellations provisions set out in these booking terms and conditions and the change and cancellation provisions as included in the hotel or other travel component's descriptions as it's shown on our website Skyreise.com or brought to you by our customer service team.
  2.     If the changes and cancellation policy included in the hotel or other travel components description on Skyreise.com or provided to you or brought to your attention by Skyreise.com customer services team conflicts in any way with these booking terms and conditions, these bookings terms and conditions shall prevail.
  3.     Please note that the change and cancellation policies for hotels and other travel components vary. It is your responsibility to read all applicable change and cancellation policy provisions carefully. If you cannot locate the supplier's changes and cancellation policy on Skyreise.com please contact us immediately.
  4.     If you do not arrive at the accommodation on the date of your booking or you leave the accommodation earlier than the date of your booking, then you will need to cancel or amend your booking by notifying Skyreise.com immediately during Skyreise.com working hours.
  5.     Requests for cancellations and amendments must be made by you through Skyreise.com customer services team during office hours. Any cancellations or amendments notified directly to the hotel or other travel accommodation will not be effective. Reservations not amended or cancelled through Skyreise.com customer services team may still be charged to you in full at Skyreise.com sole discretion.
  6.     In the event that you cancel or amend your accommodation booking, Skyreise.com may, at its discretion, charge you a cancellation or amendment charge. In addition, most suppliers may also charge you a cancellation or amendment charge for any cancellations or amendments you make in relation to your booking.
  7.     It is unlikely that Skyreise.com will have to make any changes to your travel arrangements. In case it happens that Skyreise.com will have to cancel your travel arrangements, it won't happen in less than two (2) weeks from your departure date, except for reasons beyond Skyreise.com reasonable control. If Skyreise.com is unable to provide the booked travel arrangements, you can either have a full refund of all the money paid to Skyreise.com (to the person/s who originally paid for the booking) or accept an offer of alternative travel arrangements of comparable standard from Skyreise.com, if available.

Information accuracy

Descriptions of accommodation, facilities and services (including, but not limited to, star rating information provided on Skyreise.com website) are based on information obtained from Skyreise.com suppliers. Please note that suppliers describe accommodation, facilities and services using varying terminology. For example, some suppliers may describe a room with two separate beds as a "double room" where other suppliers may describe the same room as a "deluxe room". If you are unsure about a description displayed on Skyreise.com website, please contact Skyreise.com travel consultants who will provide you with clarification to your query. Sometimes the facilities described will be withdrawn for reasons such as maintenance, bad weather or lack of demand from guests. Where suppliers advise Skyreise.com about significant changes to descriptions or about the withdrawal of any significant facility, Skyreise.com will tell you as soon as possible. Some activities or facilities, water-sports for example, may not be available all year around. There may be a charge for some facilities, for example, TV, safety deposit boxes, sun-loungers, parasols, tennis courts, pool tables and air-conditioning. In some places during high season (and even at other times) there is a possibility you will be disturbed by noise from less considerate groups, so please bear this in mind when choosing your destination and accommodation. Any transfer times Skyreise.com quotes for travel between airport and resort are approximate and, depending on circumstances, the journey time to your own chosen property may be longer.

Our liability to you

  1.     Skyreise.com's responsibility is to make arrangements for the provision by the relevant suppliers of the component(s) you book, but it does not have any responsibility for the operation of the component itself.
  2.     Skyreise.com is not responsible for any dissatisfaction, loss of enjoyment, loss of personal belongings, injury or damage that results from your use of the components arranged by Skyreise.com, unless Skyreise.com has negligently failed to select a normally competent provider of the relevant arrangement. In addition, Skyreise.com is not responsible for any consequential loss in relation to any arrangement you made with other provider that coincides with the arrangements you have booked with Skyreise.com.
  3.     Please note that in the unlikely event of our collapse/insolvency, any money you have paid is not protected by a scheme of financial protection. If this is important to you, we recommend you obtain suitable travel insurance.

Suppliers' conditions

Skyreise.com suppliers have their own booking conditions, in which you will be bounded by. These suppliers' conditions will also apply to your contract with Skyreise.com. In the event of any conflict between the suppliers' conditions and Skyreise.com conditions, the suppliers' conditions will prevail, except in the event of any conflict with clause 5 mentioned above, in which its events will prevail. Any term in the suppliers' conditions that is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, Skyreise.com conditions will prevail. Some of the suppliers' conditions may limit or exclude liability on the part of the relevant supplier and, by virtue of their application to your contract with Skyreise.com, may also limit or exclude Skyreise.com liability to you; such conditions are often subject to international convention. Relevant, copies of such conditions may be available for inspection at the office of the relevant supplier.


  1.     Complaints regarding hotel accommodation or other supplier's services must be brought to the attention of the hotel or supplier's management as soon as possible during your stay. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you must notify Skyreise.com immediately by calling our customer service team over the telephone number provided on your voucher.
  2.     If you consider that your complaint is not dealt with adequately at the time, you must notify Skyreise.com as soon as possible in writing within 20 days of your return, quoting your original booking reference and providing all relevant information about your complaint.

Personal Information

Skyreise.com will provide the personal information you provide of yourself and information of the other people involved in your booking to suppliers who might be located outside Saudi Arabia. This procedure is to enable the operation of the services requested by you. If you make special requests, which include (but not limited to) special dietary, religious or disability-related requirements that constitute sensitive information, the relevant data will also be passed to the relevant suppliers to enable provision of the services requested.

Privacy statement / Site terms

  1.     Skyreise.com privacy statement and site terms are incorporated into these terms. From time to time Skyreise.com randomly records telephone calls as a security measure and to monitor and improve customer service.
  2.     Skyreise.com may also use your contact details to inform you about Skyreise.com products including special offers that it thinks may be of interest to you. If you do not want Skyreise.com to use your contact information to send details of its products to you, please convey this by sending an email to info@skyreise.de

Your Responsibility

Skyreise.com wants all its clients to have an enjoyable and carefree trip. However, you must remember that you are responsible for your own actions and the results they may have on others. If Skyreise.com (or any other person in authority) believes your actions could affect its own staff, clients, suppliers by any danger, your holiday / travel arrangements may be terminated and this could mean Skyreise.com or its suppliers may ask you to leave your booked accommodation at your own expense.

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